D & S's Santa Cruz Wedding - Glowing Through the Fog

D and I joked in the kitchen the afternoon of the wedding- How would I sum it all up when it came time to write their post- how could I write the story that started so long ago, finally arriving after so much in between.  It wasn’t that hard at all.

D & S found me on A Practical Wedding ages, and I mean ages ago- enough that I was afraid to commit to their date in late 2012 because it seemed lightyears away.  But when they let me know they were visiting SF from their home in Australia and suggested we meet, it took only minutes of being in their presence to know that I’d change life plans to be at their wedding.

We became instant penpals- the kind that write long long letters that never seem long enough when reading. We caught up when D came back to visit, and even S and I found that we had gotten to know each other and had so much in common thanks to shared stories via Twitter.

Their wedding was something that I both looked forward to as their photographer, but also a day I felt like such a part of, having stressed with them along the way about wanting it to all come together. Fortunately, it was as amazing I as expected.  Even the fog, which swallowed the horizon and beautiful beach below seemed well placed, allowing D & S to glow, and giving the Australians a snippet of real Northern California weather.

After eating and drinking and dancing like there was no tomorrow, tomorrow came and the horizon was back, this time with sun and warmth and an after party breakfast I never wanted to leave, with guests I wanted to spend every weekend with.  And while I’ve probably said this before, and meant it every time, I really couldn’t have imagined a more beautiful wedding, and I couldn’t imagine this past year and a half without D & S’s friendship.

So cheers, D & S: congratulations on surviving an epically long engagement so everyone could save to party on the other side of the world with you- for planning a stunning wedding from a trillion miles away- for finding a love that will last forever. And thank you for the amazing journey.