Christmas in Queensland

J and I were good friends for most of the four years I was living in Australia, but became closer and closer in the four since I’ve been away. Tortured that I moved to the US just weeks before Mischa was born, I then had the additional unfairness of having missed Finn’s birth by a day on my last trip to Australia two years ago. Thanks to a visit from J while she was pregnant with Finn and our escape this year to Hawaii, I haven’t felt disconnected at all.  And thanks to Skype, I’ve watched the children grow and become gorgeous little people.

When I arrived on Christmas morning (J and I had decided in Hawaii that I should come to Christmas and see where she grew up) I was greeted with a shrill of AUNTIE JILLIAN!!! AUNTIE JILLIAN! -the best hello ever in the world. It was the nicest Christmas morning I can remember, with six children under four dancing and prancing through the ‘fairy garden’, running wild and free. We swam and relaxed with beers in the tropical heat, ate seafood and became involved in a full-on water fight with the neighbors and their dogs. I’ve never felt more at home or more fortunate to be at a place in time.

These are some things my eyes saw and the caravan I called my sanctuary on the lawn for the three nights of perfect escape while writing and reading and taking life in.