C & S's Wedding of Color - An Institution of Art

Being a San Francisco wedding photographer has many perks, but I’m pretty sure the best part is the kind of people I get to work with. C & S were not only APW, but they were instantly my kind of people. After a few emails of unsuspecting gushing our hearts out to each other, we set up time to meet in person- at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Not only was it an amazing first date of wandering the museum and having coffee on the roof, but I actually got to see merch made by C & S for sale in the museum. Umm, awesome.

We didn’t stop talking then, but rather spent greater part of the year writing and keeping in touch, exchanging stories and experiences. We had said it many times before, but there was no doubt that C & S felt more like friends than clients when I got to their amazing wedding at the San Francisco Institute of Art.

Under the Diego Rivera mural and then within the walls of a historic courtyard, C & S were married and celebrated (and *beat* a Diego & Frida pinata) with their closest friends. It was impossible to ignore the art both around and within us, and it was impossible to imagine a more suitable place for C & S to wed. Congratulations C & S, and thank you for your artful, colorful, gorgeous warmth.

(Oh, and ps, I don’t usually include family shots in my blog posts, but the photo of everyone looking at C below wasn’t staged- I actually laughed when I saw it because this is how goofy and wonderful they were. And for the record, that is Grandma wielding a bat in her fancy dress. Possibly one of the most memorable and awesome wedding moments of the year for me.)