Our Rehearsal BBQ turned Songbook Bonfire

Even in the earliest days of our relationship, whenever we talked about our wedding we had one priority, which was to have everyone in one place for more than just six hours. We knew that it was pretty guaranteed that everything would go by too fast, so we wanted to prolong the joy and maximize the time we spent with everyone, especially since so many of our friends would be traveling from around the world to be with us. 

It turned out that we needed many more days (weeks? a lifetime or two?) with each of you, and that for just a brief moment in time, we were with our people- our community. Our hearts were overwhelmed to see each of you. I hope we told you each individually how important you are to us, and how much it meant that you were with us to help start a new chapter of our world together. 

We're grateful for each of you, and especially thankful for our friend Matt Herrero for bringing his guitar and song books to end the evening around the most magical campfire, and to our friend Jen Arzt for volunteering to take these most incredibly special photos of the night just because she's awesome. xx