B & S Saratoga Wedding - Where our Hearts Take Us

There aren’t enough words to articulate how special B & S’s wedding was for me, or how much I’ve adored every minute spent with them over the past year.  I expected that their wedding would be incredible, but I had no idea I would be trying to hold back my tears while they said their vows or the dance party that followed (I haven’t danced so hard or sang so loud since Argentina).  Every little detail saturated with meaning, I felt like B & S weren’t just celebrating, but rather teaching us all the significance of why we were there, and why following our hearts can lead us to great places.

So happy to have Allison Andres second shooting for one last dance together, and A Practical Wedding for bringing together those of us who just belong side by side- here is B & S, who I simply couldn’t ever get enough of: