As It Seems - Opening Night

Once upon a time in late 2011 I stopped into a cute little store called Merch, where I bought Christmas presents and a piece of art for my new apartment. The art reminded me of my art and the walls seemed to beckon me.

With an impulsive afterthought on my way out of the store, I turned back and mentioned to the shop owner that I thought my art belonged here and scribbled my website on a business card.

Shortly after, I heard from Yong, who agreed that my art would indeed belong, and we started preparing what would be the opening of Never As It Seems.

Jenna came to set up with me on Wednesday, supporting my artist-chaos method of covering the floor with art, throwing it into spectrum order, and than randomly puncturing 85 holes in a wall, hoping it would fit. After it was all up and I was giddy with exhausted excitement, Jenna asked me what my goal was for the show. Without a pause, I knew that all I wanted was for people to come to opening night to celebrate.

My wildest expectations couldn’t have prepared me for a store that was packed all night with friends and strangers alike, so many telling me about their favorite pieces and their favorite stories, having fun and sharing in what was my favorite opening and unquestionably my favorite showing.

Endless thank you’s to everyone who came and made the night seem perfect.