A Week Later - the honeymoon is over, but not forgotten

The day after Claire & Jose’s wedding, a perfectly sized group of friends and family headed together to Iguazu Falls for a honeymoon together. Still all on cloud nine from the wedding, still having not slept for days, we embarked on a few more nights together to celebrate Claire and Jose and take in the awe of being in the middle of the jungle.

A very waterfall blessed jungle.

Where butterflies pause on your shoulder to say hello.

Spiders are as big as tangerines. (ok, I’m maybe exaggerating)



birds swoop in and out of the falls for a shower, then dry in flight above…


Where we celebrate Andrew’s poorly kept secret birthday

and discuss different recollections of how things happened at the wedding (and watch YouTube videos to help explain)

while smoking Cuban cigars and taking in world (bin Laden) news via Twitter

And reflect on experiences that would be hard to articulate to anyone who wasn’t there.


It now feels mostly like bits of a dream

A really special group honeymoon in Argentina dream.