A Sorta Fairytale (the 30th Birthday Kind)

I’ve always taken celebrations seriously. And required hats of some kind. I often require dressing up. I can be a ham, and I have friends who are usually comfortable with me asking them to do crazy things, often involving being my moving models. So when Jenna, Kristen and I had a last minute decision to get out of town for my birthday, I wanted nothing more than to get dressed up and have a birthday picnic in Russian River with a few friends who would be up for the fun. It worked. Because this isn’t just what it looked like. As silly as we were, this is what it felt like (with a little help from some cocktails). The nights went on, involving glitter guns and bars and blurriness while out in our fairytale drag. I didn’t think anything could top Capes and Crowns, but I think I proved myself wrong.

(credit to Nick for taking the photos of me!)