A & P's Winnebago Wedding at Bodega Head

Nope, I didn’t make this one up.  No models or styling props were used.  This is A & P.

After spending nearly a year traveling the country in their Winnebago, A & P chose arguably the most beautiful cliffside in California to bring their families together for the loveliest little wedding in the world.

Whales stopped by to say hello, the cake A made from scratch was iced while everyone got ready in the Minnie, we were all in on a gag boutonniere for P which kept us laughing forever.

A’s father played lullabies on a violin he made, polish songs were sung, and we toasted by the sea while the sun came out to shine.  I had to pinch myself a few times in between tears to be sure it was all real because it was just that good.  So happy to have been a part of such an unreal afternoon, congratulations A & P!