A Long and Wild December

It dawned on me yesterday that it’s (impossibly) still December. The same December that I moved and decorated in one day, had a house party, decided I needed a scooter, went to safety school and then bought a Vespa. The December that was filled with regular sleepovers and silliness with friends and the return of my husband after his band toured for almost two months. The December of our five year wedding anniversary, the anniversary of our third year in SF, and the same December I shot a wedding in Boston. The December that I bought tickets to Moscow, Paris and Amsterdam.

Somewhere in between, Christmas happened, Karli and my brother stayed in our smaller space, I got to walk to bars and when lucky, see one of my best friends sing. The same December I ate at better restaurants than I’d ever eaten at, baked three batches of macarons, a chocolate cake, shortbread, chocolate chip cookies, madaleines, caramels, peppermint bark and bavarian pretzels. I decided that 2012 wouldn’t be the year for moving back to Australia and I booked my seventh and eighth weddings of 2012. I might have felt more emotions collectively in the past 30 days than in the last ten years.

Tomorrow it will close and on Sunday, a new year and a new month will start the week. To say I’ve been too busy to think of what that means is likely a huge understatement. If the last three years are indicative of what is to come, it’s likely to continue being wildly fun, creative and exciting. And so I sign off with some film I managed to snap this month, the most long and wild December I’ve known.

This happened.

A weekend in Boston and Cambridge two days after moving into our new home.

French food and oysters and an introduction to understanding the appreciation of Taste.

…and an evening at a goat farm pretending it was Jenna’s birthday.

Happy last day and a half of 2011.