A & D's One of a Kind Forest Hill Wedding

Recipe for A & D’s Wedding Day

Take one part actress, one part writer, equal parts cocktail connoisseurs, literature lovers and website designers. Add stylish, creative friends and family and a flare for production management, stir gently. Then add a perfect San Francisco day. 

Do hair in the kitchen, assign friends to mix cocktails. Dress each other 30 minutes before the ceremony starts, because you don’t believe in stress and are well rehearsed in quick costume changes. Tie a perfect bow tie on the first try thanks to instructional videos. Drink bitters once dressed, but don’t morph in size, because although this looks and feels like a fairytale, it’s reality on the fly. 

Don’t believe in tradition, but rather do it your way- with perfectly chosen words that you present to your guests- by giving the audience a show including your talented friends to sing the songs you’ve chosen.  Present speech givers who will make everyone cry, MC some more, and then invite additional talented friends to make music while everyone drinks from your amazing cocktail menu.

Garnish with dramatically beautiful love, creativity and the warmth of those around you.

Present: A & D’s one of a kind wedding wonder, and the after party that followed. 

And then, the after party a few days later.  I was told not to work, but of course I brought my Mamiya and a roll of 3200 iso film, which in the almost pitch darkness without flash I was sure would return empty, but shot away anyway. 

I also drank cocktails while wandering through the crowd in my sequined heels, last minute hack redesigned vintage dress and huge fur coat.  This was a night out where I felt entirely in my element and so thrilled to be a guest, talking to the guests I had just photographed in a different context.  A room of new friends and endless toasts to the amazing A & D capped what was a truly amazing and one of a kind wedding weekend.