A & D Engagement - Under the Freeway with Cocktails & Trees

My first meeting with A & D wasn’t over a coffee like usual, and it wasn’t about my gear or my style or like an interview to decide whether we were a fit. Instead, they suggested I come by their loft to have fancy cocktails courtesy of D’s artful mixology and we chatted like old friends catching up on life. I was late to wherever I was going that night because I simply didn’t want to leave their company. So when I arrived at their loft again a few months later for their engagement shoot, I was both elated and not entirely shocked when they suggested making some cocktails under the freeway (three glasses). Umm, Yes?

If this is what I get from A & D and their playful, romantic, stunning love in just a short shoot, I’m dying in anticipation for their wedding. Perhaps when I say “wait, walk slow, the colors here are beautiful" they’ll break out some slo-mo-karate dance moves again.