A & C's Log Cabin Presidio Wedding

Who would believe that a log cabin in the woods could be the most romantic and elegant location in the city; or that a cold, foggy Presidio afternoon could turn momentarily beautiful in time for the kiss…

My journey with A & C started over beer and vegetarian sausages, solidified when we flew, falling together during an engagement shoot that could have resulted in losing an eye, and went to a whole new level of feeling cheeky and devious when A & I ventured into the woods together in her wedding dress for a bridal shoot a few weeks before the wedding.  So when it all came together and their faces beamed with happiness all day long, I knew that their wedding was so absolutely them- classy but real, serious but extremely fun, beautiful and practical, a celebration of a marriage meant to be.

Congratulations A & C, and thank you to Natali Traux who was a fantastic and beautiful second shooter.