A & C Engagement Shoot - Bernal SF

Things, A & C Engagement Shoot Edition:

* A dog named Weezer

* A opening the door to their lovely home and me thinking how gorgeous she was, how stunning her red and blue and white were, seeing C around the corner and being maximum excited for this shoot

* Walking up hills and stairs and climbing towards perfect, peaceful places

* Me saying no to C’s idea of a “cute" photo, somehow ending in silly prom poses

* The “when" not “if" of A’s pants getting muddy actually happening when the slide had too much force and we both ended up on the ground together, laughing and picking up pieces of the wreckage

* Deciding to walk home for an hour with my gear because it was such a lovely night

* Spending the next day smiling over and over and over looking at how wonderful A & C’s love is, how much fun they have with each other, how much fun I had with them…

*…how excited I am for their wedding!