Part 2: There Will Be A Space

Where your Insides Can Be Exposed Without Fear of Contamination

Or: ok, GO!



...Within a few hours of arriving back in San Francisco, new artwork in tow, I realized Kristen was right. I'd need to have an exhibition. The art I had been making and showing no one, meant only for me, had taken on a life of its own. It needed to be in a gallery, but I was faced with the same problem I've always found as an artist: Even if you could find someone who needed art, could you find someone willing to show you? You, with no formal education in art, no name to boast about, whose only exhibitions have been in little stores? The idea itself was overwhelming and intimidating, and everywhere I looked was booked well into next year anyway. Still on this first day back, now frustrated, I talked with Jenna (this is how all of my life decisions are made): Fine. I'd rent a space if I had to. I'd hold a month long exhibition. But who would run it? And then went the lightbulb: Of course. I'd open a space. I'd OPEN A SPACE. Obviously! It's something I had thought about for years, a faraway dream- the "one day I'd love to..." 

The story pauses here and picks up in a new place, on a new blog. I've been writing there for a bit while the site was in beta, so you can find more of the story. The insides. They're out now. 

And without further ado, the table is flipped. Meet Electric Blanket.